Silver Sky Electronics Pvt Ltd (SSE)

Dstv Installers Cape town.

Silver sky electronics t/a Dstv Installers Cape Town is an independent dstv satellite installation company. We offer professional and high quality dstv satellite fitting and repair services throughout Cape and surrounding areas, and have been the leading choice for local households and businesses for over 5 years. Growing with the ever-expanding digital world of Digital and Satelite Television, our knowledge and expertise is next to none.

All of our approved dstv technicians are experienced industry professionals, qualified to provide the best service and expert, impartial advice. We understand that the wealth of new digital TV technologies can often be intimidating and often confusing, so we make it our priority to ensure you make clear and informed decisions. What’s more, with a team of approved dstv technicians, we can offer same day dstv installations, or an appointment that suits you. At Dstv Installers Cape Town, we stay flexible and reliable to make your dstv installation simple and hassle-free.

Digital TV Aerial Installations & Repairs

It’s time to join the TV revolution that is the digital switch-over, and we at Silver Sky Electronics t/a Dstv Installers Cape Town are ready to equip you with the right aerial or satellite dish and set top box. As an independent company, our interest is vested solely in our customers, and offering them expert and impartial advice. We understand that each one of our customers has unique requirements, so we endeavor to help you find an entertainment solution suited to your location, lifestyle, and budget. So if the sheer number of channels and providers of digital television leaves you overwhelmed, look no further for assistance.

Alongside TV aerial installation, we provide maintenance and repairs to any existing system in Cape Town and beyond. Our team of approved dstv technicians are on hand every day to install extra points, undertake commercial installations, or provide any other service you may need.

With a minimum of 5 years experience, our approved dstv technicians also undergo a comprehensive training program to make sure that their skills remain relevant to the dynamic digital industry. You can be certain then, that no matter what aerial or satellite problem you have, our team are ready and able to fix it promptly and reliably. For some free advice, or to book an appointment with one of our technicians, give us a call today!

Dstv Installation & Repair Services – Cape Town

Our approved dstv installers cape town have been fitting and repairing satellite systems with first-rate success since the days that Dstv was unheard of. You can trust that we understand digital technologies like no other, and our longevity is testament to our excellent service and customer satisfaction. Whether you want a Dstv, Ovhd or Toptv system installed, or simply need someone impartial to talk you through the options, we are more than happy to help.

Whichever aerial or satellite service you require, we are fully equipped to provide assistance. If it’s a dstv dish installation you want, or a faulty LNB that needs replacing, you can trust in us.

Our Dstv installers work daily throughout Cape Town and Beyond, so give us a call to book a same day appointment.